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All our teachers are experienced, graduated and native speakers of their respective languages with immense experience in teaching and education.


Angela Dall’Agnol, an experienced Italian language teacher, graduated in Liberal Arts with a specialization in theatrical anthropology with a master’s degree in teaching Italian to foreigners. She has been working in Chennai as an Italian teacher since 2010. Angela has worked with all ages/levels of students ranging from beginning to the advance, teaching to many different kind of students as: children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. She is also the author of a book in which she describes the way her passion for Indian culture and Italian language come together. In her free time, she enjoys exploring India and South East Asia, reading and writing and food-tasting.


Dennis Cecchin, was born to a German mother and an Italian father spending all of his life between both cultures. Being bilingual by birth, Dennis handles both languages with natural simplicity and grace; basically he is an innate and genuine multilingual. He earned his Master degree in Architecture at the University of Venice, in Italy. Even though Dennis is an architect, his passion for languages and foreign cultures turned him into a passionate teacher. His experiences in India easily allowed him to understand the necessity and needs of Indian students and help them to learn and understand a foreign language. When he has spare time, he likes to travel around the world with his bike and meet new people and learn new cultures. 


Mobile nr. :  09080582082

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