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The Language Lab was established early this year in Chennai. What makes The Language Lab special and unique is that it comprises only of native speakers as instructors and our ideology to support taking innovation as the keyword. We constantly take into account the needs of our students thereby periodically updating the learning programme, ensuring that we implement the most innovative of initiatives.

The Language Lab’s philosophy is to teach foreign languages in a fun yet efficient way with a cultural and activity programme that exercises our learners to speak as much as possible during the classes/lessons.

Our educational goal is: “to foster human resources operating in a foreign speaking society” and we have established the following two issues as our pillars in order to achieve this goal.





  • To create a personal linguistic and grammatical background

  • To create a social-culture bridge between India and Europe

  • To enhance students' self-esteem in their practice of second language skills

  • To promote the importance of multilingualism in the Indian community

  • To provide a caring environment, in which students can feel safe and supported                 


Mobile nr. :  09080582082

(available also on WhatsApp)    

e-mail :



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