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Our general language group courses are designed for those who want to learn a new language or develop their present knowledge for private, educational or professional reasons. We provide courses at all levels, from beginner to advanced.


General language courses at L.L. provide training in a group environment. These programmes will improve all areas of your language skills.


We offer 5 different levels of courses, divide into: beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. It is a 12 month-course but the students are free to stop at any level depending on their needs.


Each level is not just focused on grammar and lexicon as information about local culture, tradition, history, cuisine, geography, population, etc. are also provided throughout the course.


We use a wide variety of materials and exercises including audio and visual aids and games





  • Levels                                                             1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

  • Total hours for each level                              48 hours

  • Each level duration                                        3 months

  • When                                                            weekdays and weekends

  • Exams                                                          written and oral

  • Certificate                                                    "The Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry"

  • Students for each level                                14 maximum.

  • Fee                                                               10,000 Rs + GST(18%).

  • What we provide                                       books, photocopies, exams and certificate , and any other material which we provide during our courses                    


All the classes are online



Level 1 – Beginners


Level 1 is the most basic level of Italian language for those who just start to learn the language. The well-structured course provides a good understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary and develop essential speaking and listening and reading and writing skill. Our Italian course for beginners is carefully designed to help you gain essential language skills that will help to boost your confidence from day one using practical Italian examples from the very first day/ start of the course.


Level 2 – Intermediate


Level 2 is an intermediate Italian language course, good to improve Italian communication skills learnt during Level 1. During the course you will improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; and also your pronunciation and effective listening skills.


Level 3 – Advanced I


Level 3 is an advanced course made for those who need to achieve a much greater level of knowledge. During the course you improve writing, listening and speaking skills


Level 4 and 5 – Advanced II and III


Level 4 and 5 are courses for students who complete all the 3 previous levels and wish to improve fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing in the language. `There is an emphasis on language for everyday situations and classes may involve discussing topics such as film and theatre, current events, politics, local culture, etc.

Classes are based on learning Italian in a fun way using games, songs, videos, texts, theatre, Italian magazines and newspapers and screening Italian movies.


Mobile nr. :  09080582082

(available also on WhatsApp)    

e-mail :



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